The Keys to Success in BJJ

Check out this cool video featuring BJJ superstar Caio Terra.  Although still quite young, Caio Terra is fast proving to be one of the best BJJ practitioners in the world.  He rose from the rank of white belt to black belt in just 3 years, and has over the past 5 years racked up an impressive collection of accomplishments.  In 2008, he won World Championships in both Gi and No Gi competition.  Since that time, he has amassed 4 silver medals in the BJJ World Championships and 4 gold medals in the No Gi World Championships.  Known for his incredible technical mastery of BJJ, Terra has been sought out by many of MMA’s top fighters for his grappling knowledge.

Recently, BJJ Hacks sat down with Caio Terra to discuss his philosophy on BJJ and life.  Spend a few minutes to check out the below video, and hear what Caio Terra believes are the keys to success in BJJ.

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