Hip Mobility Drill For BJJ

As we have said many times before, flexibility is a very important part of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  For some people flexibility comes naturally and for others it requires a little work.  Yet, any time invested in improving your flexibility is guaranteed to pay off manifold with improvements in your BJJ game.  Not only will you be able to execute your techniques more effectively, you will also prevent a great deal of injuries with your improved flexibility.

Here is a great new exercise to improve your hip mobility for BJJ courtesy of Dr. Andreo Spina and Jits Magazine.  You can do it as a warm up prior to training, or spend 5 minutes working on it next time you are at the gym.  Traditional flexibility exercises work great too, but some times it is fun to spice things up with a little variety.  Give it a try, see how it feels, and keep evolving as a martial artist every day.

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