Metamoris Pro: Sousa vs. Gracie

This past weekend the highly anticipated Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational delivered on one of the most exciting BJJ events of the year.  The prestigious event featured 6 submission only BJJ matches between some of the best BJJ practitioners on the planet.  Each match was a grueling 20 minutes, as opposed to the standard 10 minutes, and brought out the very best of each competitor's game.  There is no higher level of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than that which was displayed at the Metamoris Pro.

In one of the most exciting matches of the event Kron Gracie took on current World Champion Otavio Sousa.  Both of these guys attacked from the opening seconds, and fought for submissions at every opportunity.  It was a truly masterful display of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Check out the complete fight below.  For your information, this one ends with a perfectly executed submission.

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