The Wrestler's Lunge

As it is with techniques in every martial art, the only way to truly master the wrestling takedown is through constant repetition.  The distance between learning a technique in practice and actually applying it in a live situation is hours upon hours of drilling and thousands upon thousands of repetitions.  

Drilling can often be incredibly boring and tiresome, but there are no shortcuts.  However, there are a number of supplementary training methods that can assist in performing techniques better once you have mastered them.  Functional strength training can be an excellent supplement to martial arts training, and if done properly will improve your ability to successfully execute your techniques.  In the case of the wrestling takedown, one excellent exercise that can be used to supplement your drilling is the lunge.

One look at the mechanics of the lunge and it is quite easy to see its relevance to the takedown.  Much like a takedown, lunges engage multiple muscles while requiring a great deal of balance and stability.  In addition to working all of your leg muscles, lunges also engage the abdominal and promote core stability.  It is truly one of the most functional exercises there is.  There are also a great many variations of the lunge, so if you find yourself getting bored with the basic lunge you can mix it up with some side lunges, reverse lunges, lunges with a twist, and much more.  They can be performed as a bodyweight exercise for high repetitions or you can add weight by holding on to dumbbells or kettle bells while lunging. Add this simple yet extremely effective exercise to your strength and conditioning program, and you will be finishing all your takedowns in no time.

Check out the below videos demonstrating the proper technique for lunges.

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