Gracie Breakdown: Jones vs. Belfort

This past weekend UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones made his fourth successful title defense when he defeated Vitor Belfort via submission.  Jones used a devastating display of ground and pound to wear down Belfort in the early rounds before finishing him in the 4th.  However, very early on in the opening round Jones survived the biggest scare of his reign as champion thus far courtesy of a very deep armbar attempt by Belfort.  Briefly it looked as if Jones was caught, and his only option was to tap or let his arm be broken.  Jones chose neither, and managed to wiggle his way free.  From then on it was all Jones, who showed the true heart of a champion by working through the submission attempt and fighting on despite possible damage to his arm.

As always, the Gracie brothers, Rener and Ryron, have provided a post fight breakdown of the fight’s grappling.  Check it out below.

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