Anderson Silva: A Champion's Philosophy

Anderson Silva is widely considered to be the pound for pound best mixed martial artist in the world today, and it is very likely that when he decides to step away from the sport he will do so as the greatest of all time.  His current winning streak spans over 6 years and 14 fights, nine of which are UFC title defenses.  In a sport that evolves so quickly and the smallest of mistakes means defeat, it is truly incredible that Anderson has been so dominant for so long on the world’s most competitive mixed martial arts stage.  When you watch him fight it is often awe-inspiring, and it quickly becomes quite clear that he is operating on a whole new level, the likes of which the sport has never seen before.  He does things that no one else can do or should be able to do, and he does them with an effortless beauty that often leaves his vanquished opponents shaking there head in confusion as the referee tells them it is all over. 

So what is it that makes Anderson Silva so special?  What does he know that no one else in the world does?  Perhaps, he is just a superior athlete or privy to some top secret training methods.  This is highly unlikely.  World-class athletes are now a dime a dozen in the sport of MMA, and in this super connected internet age training methods are widely publicized and available to all.  Fortunately, for all the aspiring martial artists out there, Anderson recently let everyone in on his secret.  Anderson Silva has reached such great heights because of his mental game.  He adheres to the philosophy of martial arts, living every day as a true martial artist.  Check out the video below to hear Anderson Silva give a full breakdown of his philosophy on the practice of martial arts and life.  This should be required viewing for anyone training in martial arts.

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