UFC Sits Down With the Wall Street Journal

“We want to put on an event everywhere, in every city, in every country, all over this planet, and make this the biggest sport in the world.” – Dana White, UFC President

UFC President Dana White and UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal to discuss the business of MMA. In this very interesting interview both Dana and Lorenzo talk about where the UFC is now, and where they are planning to take it. While it is incredible to think how far this sport has come in the last ten years, it is even more incredible to think how far it will go in the next ten years. As we learn in this interview, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta got into the MMA business for love of the sport, and that is what guides them as they work tirelessly to spread it to the world. Check out the full interview with the Wall Street Journal below, and let’s be thankful we have two true MMA enthusiasts pulling the strings behind the world’s largest organization.

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