Only Possibilities

“Only Possibilities” is the personal mission statement of John Maclean, and if you look at the many incredible things he has accomplished in his life you will understand exactly what he means.  John is a member of the prestigious Hawaiian Ironman Hall of Fame, has swum the English Channel, been awarded the Australian National Sport Medal, earned a silver medal at the Beijing Summer Olympics, and has competed in countless other elite athletic competitions.   John has done all these things as a paraplegic.  As a young man John was hit by a truck while training and forever lost the use of his legs.  Rather than allow this disability to limit him, John chose to see only the vast possibilities of what he could do with his life and dedicated himself to competing in the most challenging athletic events in the world.  Here is how John describes his philosophy:

"In business and in life, we all face obstacles and crossroads. While my 20-year story seems like an extreme account of setbacks and facing up to them, the message is not about those obstacles, or how they got there, more about learning to see challenges, or adversity if you like, and welcoming it as a fuel to feed off. Any of the great people I have met have harnessed adversity and turned it into an energy that allows them to achieve so much more. All of us can do that, we simply have to make that choice."

Let John’s story be an inspiration to us all, and make the decision to see life as “only possibilities”.  Check out the video below to hear John talk about his incredible journey.


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