UFC Primetime: Mir vs. Dos Santos

After some last minute shuffling the UFC 146 main card is all set. On May 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada some of the world’s best heavyweight fighters will go to war. In the main event of the evening Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos will defend his title against former champion Frank Mir. While these two fighters may come from very different backgrounds and motivations, they will both be looking for the same thing on May 26th; to establish their legacy as the greatest heavyweight fighter in the sport. The young Junior Dos Santos is one of the most feared strikers in MMA and considered by many to be the future of the heavyweight division. Frank Mir is a former heavyweight champion and long time veteran of the UFC who has earned his reputation as one of the most feared heavyweight submission specialists in the world. It is very likely this fight will go one of two ways. Junior Dos Santos will knock Frank Mir out with his boxing game, or Frank Mir will take home one of Junior Dos Santos’s limbs with his submission game. Either way this fight promises to be electrifying, and you can bet that neither of these fighters plan to leave the decision in the hands of the judges. As always UFC Primetime gives us an awesome inside look at these two fighters’ lives as they prepare for their showdown. Check out episode 1 below.


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