MMA's Biggest Rivalry

After nearly two years of trash talk, it seems that the fans of MMA will finally get to see what everyone has been waiting for: Silva vs. Sonnen 2. Love him or hate him, Chael Sonnen is undeniably one of the most colorful fighters in the business today with a gift for gab that brings back memories of the great Muhammad Ali. He is also a great fighter. Anderson Silva, although not much for talking, is considered by many to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world, and hasn't lost a fight in over 6 years. The last time these two met back in 2010, Sonnen gave Silva a beating like no one ever has for nearly 25 minutes, but as champions do, Silva found a way to win submitting Sonnen in a triangle choke with under a minute left in the bout. Since that time, courtesy of Sonnen's unending trash talk these two have built up the greatest rivalry the sport has ever seen. At times the antics have seemed more fit for the Hollywood big screen, but this rivalry is very real and there will be no love lost when these two go to battle for the second time at UFC 147 on June 16th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although still over 4 months away, the anticipation has already begun to build. Check out this must see video, which gives MMA's greatest rivalry its due treatment. It is hard not to get goosebumps watching this one.

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