2011 ADCC Champion Rafael Mendes

Rafael Mendes is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu superstar with a resume that includes 5 World Championships and 2 ADCC Submission Wrestling Championships. Although Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors rarely receive recognition as professional athletes, anyone who has seen the training regiments of top level BJJ competitors like Rafael Mendes surely knows that they are indeed world class athletes. Most BJJ superstars go largely unrecognized in the world of professional sports until they make the transition into MMA, and that is truly a shame. While it is always great to watch an elite BJJ practitioner apply his skills in MMA, watching a BJJ World Champion compete in his discipline is true poetry in motion. As a true fan of MMA it is important to show appreciation and support for each discipline in its own right. Check out this awesome highlight video of Rafael Mendes as he prepares to win his second ADCC Championship in 2011. Enjoy MMA, but also remember to support the disciplines upon which it is founded.

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