A Once-in-a-Lifetime Seminar!

The legendary Grandmaster of Muay Thai, Kru Yodtong Senanan, will be conducting a once-in-a-lifetime Muay Thai seminar.  Kru Yodtong is considered to be one of the greatest - if not the greatest - Muay Thai teacher in history.  As the Grandmaster of the renowned Sityodtong Camp, he has produced the most number of Muay Thai World Champions in history.  Kru Yodtong is the only Grandmaster of Muay Thai to be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal Family of Thailand and the only person to be recognized as "the Superior Master of Muay Thai" by the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.  At 73 years of age, Kru Yodtong has over 60 years of Muay Thai experience as a fighter, trainer of World Champions, and Grandmaster.  Additionally, there will be 10 of his students and Evolve Instructors in attendance at the seminar. 

Who:  Kru Yodtong Senanan and 8 of his students and Sityodtong Instructors including Samart Payakaroon, Nuengpichit Sityodtong, Chatri Sityodtong, Yoddecha Sityodtong, Daorung Sityodtong, Yodrit Sityodtong, Saknarong Sityodtong, and Yodsanan Sityodtong.

Where:  Evolve Far East Square

What:  Muay Thai Seminar

When:  Saturday January 23, 2010

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Investment:  $60 for Evolve members, $120 for non Evolve members

Given the last few seminars at Evolve, we anticipate this event to be sold out.  In order to guarantee your spot, please sign up at any Evolve location with a full prepayment. 

For a bio on Kru Yodtong Senanan, please click here.  You can also look him up on Wikipedia under "Yodtong Senanan." Here is a clip of him teaching some of his students at Sityodtong Gym.