Congratulations to our latest Sityodtong Warriors!

Over the last 2 weeks, several more Muay Thai warriors received their official certifications from the Sityodtong Gym! World Champion Nuengpichit Sityodtong gave out the promotions with Daorung Sityodtong and Chatri Sityodtong.

Pictured above are Sam Ahmed and Enyi Woo. Sam is a tough warrior who has improved tremendously since he joined Evolve. When he first joined, his technique was incorrect a lot of the time and he had a lot of bad habits developed from training under poor supervision. However, since then, Sam has worked very hard and has inherited the teachings of Sityodtong and World Champion Nuengpichit. As a result, his speed and power are up almost 50% and 120% respectively according to Yoddecha and Papa Sityodtong. More importantly, his technique is significantly better and he is now starting to look like a Muay Thai warrior. His punches are more crisp. His knees and kicks are very powerful. On the other hand, Enyi was brand new to Muay Thai when he first joined. He did not have any bad habits to undo. He is still a beginner, but his technique is starting to form nicely and his speed has increased a lot. Enyi always gives his heart to his training and never quits. He is humble, respectful, and a gentleman. But watch out for his low leg kicks!

Pictured above: Congratulations to Jerry Liu, Stanley Wong, and Lukman Kasmani! Jerry has trained hard consistently ever since he joined Evolve. His punches are solid and he is starting to develop some strong kicks too. Stanley is a tough warrior with excellent natural talent. His kicks are smooth and graceful - and very powerful. His knees are really starting to look amazing. Stanley will be a great addition to the sparring class. Lukman is yet another Evolve student with excellent work ethic. He trains hard with 100% intensity and focus. As such, his Muay Thai game has improved a lot with a 150% increase in the power in his kicks and punches since he joined Evolve.

Congrats once again to our newest Sityodtong warriors! Train hard, love the game, and achieve greatness within!

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