Evolve Mixed Martial Arts, Singapore's top MMA Gym!

Check out Evolve MMA on YouTube for some demos by our World Champions! Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is fortunate to have brought in Champions from Brazil, Thailand, Japan, and the US. We have World Champions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and more.

As one of Asia's top MMA gyms, Evolve Mixed Martial Arts ( and our World Champions have been featured in the Straits Times, ESPN, Star Sports, ChannelnewsAsia, Mens Health, August Man, Her World, Shape, Elle, TimeOut, 8 Days, Today, and much more.

We wanted to bring the world's best to Singapore so that everyone can benefit. Not only are they accomplished fighters, but they are phenomenal instructors. Their love for the game and their students is what sets them apart. For the Evolve Instructor Team, our greatest joy is to see our students improve and develop. Our goal is to see our students evolve along all dimensions - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. At Evolve, you will develop real self-defense skills, get very fit, increase your self-confidence, inherit discipline, and much more!

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. Achieve Greatness Within.