Improvement Tips from the best Muay Thai Gym in Singapore!

As you know, Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is the largest Muay Thai gym in Singapore. We have 6 Muay Thai instructors (4 of which are from Thailand and are certified instructors by the legendary Sityodtong Gym). We are also the only Muay Thai program in Singapore to have 2 World Champions as instructors too. The Evolve Muay Thai Instructor Team has the most collective experience in Asia (outside of Thailand) with over 115 years of cumulative experience. Above all, Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is an official branch of the legendary Sityodtong Gym in Thailand. So you are learning authentic Muay Thai at its best.

We asked all of our Muay Thai instructors for tips on how to improve your Muay Thai game:

1) Focus on your stance and movement. It might sound obvious, but a good stance (and the ability to move correctly) is one of the biggest drivers to future success. The stance and movement are the foundation to your entire game. Much like a house with a weak foundation, it is hard to develop your game without a strong foundation. Please feel free to ask one of our instructors to go over the basics of your stance and movement again. It is vital to your game.

2) Learn to unleash your power from your hips and legs. The key to power in Muay Thai for all strikes (punches, kicks, elbows, and knees) lies in your ability to generate torque from your hips via your legs. A strong core (ie. stomach muscles and lower back muscles) is a vital ingredient. Pay close attention to your hips when you train. Learn to time your hip movement with your arms and legs. For example, to generate punching power, you must learn to move your legs and hips in advance of your arms. Each move will have specific timing elements for the hip. Pay close attention to it.

3) Master the pads from 2 angles. You should master pads from 2 perspectives - as a student and as a trainer. The Thai pads are designed to help your speed, timing, and power. The more you kick pads correctly, the more you will become ready for sparring in the future. There are literally thousands of combinations on pads. Interestingly, students don't realize that holding pads for others is also a huge aspect to becoming good a Muay Thai practitioner. Holding pads means that you will develop an eye for how strikes look when they are coming at you. It also means that you will develop an understanding of power. You will also develop a 6th sense defensively from holding pads. So learn to master the pads from both angles!

4) Turn every move into muscle memory. The more you repeat something, the more it becomes muscle memory. The less you have to think when you are doing a move, the more you are improving. If you can throw a kick at the right time without thinking, you are one small step towards mastering Muay Thai. For example, at the professional level, every move of every minute in a professional fight is done automatically without any thought. Combinations are thrown automatically. At a certain level in professional Muay Thai, the body, mind, and soul become one. All of our instructors experience this sensation when they fight. Even though you are most likely not considering a professional Muay Thai career, you will still benefit from making all of your movements automatic.

5) Train 2-3 times a week. Try to be consistent. The turtle wins when it come to Muay Thai. If you take advantage of our world class Evolve Instructor Team, will see significant improvement in your game. Come often and ask lots of questions!

6) Be proficient in the 3 ranges. Pay attention to what range you are in at all times until it becomes second nature. The 3 ranges of stand up combat are kicking range, punching range, and clinch range. Please feel free to ask our instructors if you are confused by this concept. This concept is one of the reasons why Muay Thai is considered the most effective striking art in the world. You must be able to flow between the 3 ranges without thinking.

7) Learn from the best. By learning from the best, you will ensure that your foundation is strong. Learning means seeing, thinking, and doing. Always ask your instructors questions! Ask your instructors to demonstrate the perfect kick or knee. Ask them about real life applications. Ask them anything because you are here to learn and improve!

All of the Evolve Muay Thai instructors are here for you! Please be sure to ask lots of questions. The Evolve Mixed Martial Arts Muay Thai classes are geared for your rapid improvement because it is authentic Muay Thai from Thailand. So please take advantage of it!

Train hard. Love the game. Achieve Greatness Within.

Until next time,
Team Evolve