Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

Day 1! The Evolve Blog is here to chronicle the adventures and musings of the entire team of fighters, instructors, students, staff, and fans at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore!

Chatri Sityodtong, one of the Muay Thai instructors at Evolve and another member of the official Evolve Fight Team, reports that his training for his next professional Muay Thai fight in Thailand is going well. Chatri writes, "I am ramping up into the hard core part of my training since the fight is now 6 weeks away. I just got back from an amazing training session although I am nursing a couple minor injuries. Right now, it is important for me to stay healthy so that I can give 100% to every training session ahead of the fight."

Today, we received an email about the Evolve tagline: "Achieve Greatness Within." To answer the question, we believe that everyone has the potential to "achieve greatness within." We all have the ability to do so. But not everyone does. It requires love. It requires dedication. It requires hard work. It requires honesty. Like martial arts, a key aspect of living life to the fullest is the ability to improve oneself continuously. We all make mistakes. We all succumb to weaknesses. We all have failures and disappointments. However, we also all have a choice to take those setbacks and turn them into something positive. So what is "achieving greatness within?" It is not about winning or losing, succeeding or failing. It is far deeper than that. It is about conquering your fears. It is about overcoming your weaknesses. It is about turning defeat into victory. It is about daring to dream. It is about following your heart. It is about achieving inner peace - your way. Because life and martial arts are really journeys of the self and how you can evolve into everything that you can be. So to that end, let us all achieve greatness within!

All of us at Evolve are busy working on the launch of our new gym. Until next time!

Team Evolve