Evolve MMA Presents Dutch Kickboxing & MMA Seminar with Tyrone Spong and Eddie Alvarez

On July 6th, the reigning WFCA Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion and current Glory 95kg Slam Champion, Tyrone Spong, and Bellator Lightweight World Champion, Eddie Alvarez, will be teaching a Dutch kickboxing and MMA seminar at Evolve MMA. This seminar is a great opportunity for those who want to hone their striking skills and develop a more effective standup game for MMA and kickboxing. For MMA practitioners, striking is one of the essential skill sets in order to compete on the highest levels, and Tyrone Spong and Eddie Alvarez are two of the very best in the sport.  

At the tender age of 13, Tyrone Spong started his martial arts journey in kickboxing under legendary trainer Lucien Carbin. Now known as the “King of the Ring”, Spong has knocked out more than 40 of his opponents. Spong has won multiple kickboxing titles in the middleweight and cruiserweight classes, and he is now looking to dominate the heavyweight division.

The below video highlights the brute force and technical prowess visible in Spong’s numerous knockout victories. Spong’s striking talent is simply undeniable.

Eddie Alvarez got his start in MMA at a very young age, and he had his first professional fight after only eight months of formal training. Since then, Alvarez has won four Bellator title fights as well as several big fights in international promotions like DREAM.  He is known as one of the sports greatest finishers, winning 21 of his 28 fights via stoppage.

In the below video, we are treated to some of Eddie Alvarez's finest moments, showcasing his technical striking and brilliant footwork.

This very special seminar will be limited to only 50 participants. To reserve your spot, please sign up at the front desk of any Evolve MMA location.

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