Metamoris 3 Preview: Cornelius vs. Magalhaes

Metamoris is one of the most innovative and entertaining Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions in the entire world, and on March 29th it returns for its third installment.  The event follows a very unique set of competition rules.  Although the game is BJJ, Metamoris has done away with the traditional gis and eliminated the point scoring system.  All matches are a single 20 minute round, and the only criteria for victory is submission.  There are no decisions.  As you might expect, this makes for very entertaining fights with the competitors attacking aggressively for submissions.

In one of the most anticipated match ups of Metamoris 3, rising BJJ star Keenan Cornelius will test his progress against No Gi World Champion Vinny Magalhaes.  This is a classic match up of the old guard versus the young rising star.  Check out the official Metamoris preview for the fight below.  For more event details head on over to

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