Learn Kickboxing in Singapore at Evolve MMA

In response to the growing number of inquiries regarding the various martial arts programs on offer at Evolve MMA, we have decided to create a series of feature articles that will provide an in depth look at our many world class programs. In each feature, we plan to take you on a guided tour of what it is like to train in a specific discipline at Evolve MMA. In this article, we will cover our world-renowned Muay Thai kickboxing class.

UFC Fighter, Leandro "Brodinho" Issa, shows off his kickboxing skills at Evolve MMA.

At Evolve MMA, our kickboxing program is based primarily on the disciplines of Muay Thai and K-1 Dutch-style kickboxing.

ONE FC featherweight superstar, Bruno Pucci, sparring with Kickboxing World Champion, Irshaad Sayed.

ONE FC light heavyweight  superstar, Jake Butler, training with UFC fighter, Tom Lawlor.

2x Martial Combat FC Champion, Mitch Chilson, trains hard everyday at Evolve MMA.

Our kickboxing curriculum is designed by our renowned World Champion Instructor Team, and it is widely considered by many experts to be the best program in Singapore as well as one of the very best in the entire world.

There is no martial arts academy in the world that is home to as many authentic Muay Thai World Champions as Evolve MMA. Our instructors represent some of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in the history of the sport. Some of our veteran instructors include:

Grand Master of Muay Thai, the late Kru Yodtong Senanan, giving a memorable seminar at Evolve MMA.

One of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time, Saenchai Sor Kingstar, visits Evolve MMA to teach a seminar.

Chaowalith Jockey Gym, 3x Muay Thai World Champion and instructor at Evolve MMA, demonstrating a counter attack.

At Evolve MMA, the standard Muay Thai kickboxing workout will run for one full hour. After taking the class through a thorough warm-up to prepare the body for intensive training, our World Champion instructors will lead the class through a series of specific kickboxing drills and exercises.

A student practices Muay Thai elbow strikes under the tutelage of Muay Thai trainer, Daorung Sityodtong.

These exercises generally include Muay Thai pad work, heavy bag training, and specific striking combinations. Depending on the level of the class you are attending, the techniques covered may run from basic to advanced.

Students drilling Muay Thai knee strikes on the heavy bags.

Dependent upon your level of experience in Muay Thai kickboxing you may choose between a Level 1, 2, or 3 class. Generally, we ask that all new students at Evolve begin in one of our Level 1 classes regardless of previous experience. It never hurts to review the basics, and it is a great way to get accustomed to how our classes are structured as well as familiarize yourself with the instructor team. 

Young martial artists learn the fundamental Muay Thai stance.

Level 1 classes focus on Muay Thai fundamentals and a mastery of the basic techniques. You will learn how to throw the basic punches including the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. You will also learn the basics of elbow strikes, knee strikes, and leg kicks. Beginner defensive tactics as well as footwork may also be covered.

Student of the Month, Emma McGuinness, throws a powerful roundhouse kick.

Once you have mastered the basic techniques and demonstrated a sound understanding of our Muay Thai program, you may advance to the Level 2 classes. Level 2 focuses on combining all of the basic techniques of Muay Thai into fluid striking combinations.

Our senior students practicing an advanced Muay Thai counter attack.

You will learn how to string together punches, kicks, knees, and elbows in effective combinations. Our instructors will also start to introduce you to Muay Thai theory including counterattacks, feints, set ups, and fight strategies. As you advance to Level 3 and beyond, you will begin to train in a more freestyle oriented session. The combinations will be more advanced.

18 year old polytechnic student, Charles Lew, practices his combinations with Muay Thai Champion, Saknarong Sityodtong.

For those students interested in testing their skills in a live situation, Evolve MMA holds invitation only sparring sessions. Invitations to these sessions are entirely up to the instructor team’s discretion, and all sparring sessions are closely monitored to ensure everyone’s safety. In all training sessions, safety is always our number one priority.

All students are required to wear protective gear when sparring.

For those students interested in competing in Muay Thai kickboxing, we offer the Evolve Muay Thai Competition Team. Try outs for the team are held periodically throughout the year, and the selections are made very carefully by the instructor team. Members of the Evolve Muay Thai Competition Team are given access to private team training sessions, and they are encouraged to compete in local Muay Thai competitions. This is for the truly dedicated and committed kickboxing student.

The top fighters in Asia train kickboxing at Evolve MMA.

Many of our students experience significant and positive changes in their lives from practicing Muay Thai kickboxing and martial arts. 20 year old law student, Nurul Hannah, shares her inspiring story with us below.

In order to get started on your kickboxing training at Evolve MMA, head on over to your nearest Evolve MMA location in Singapore or call in to arrange a complimentary free trial with one of our World Champion instructors. All introductory classes are 30 minutes and can be scheduled at your convenience. Consider this your test-drive for the complete Evolve MMA experience. We can accommodate all skill levels, ages, and genders. Bring a friend along if you like, and don’t hesitate to ask us any and all questions you might have.

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts® is Asia's premier championship brand for martial arts. With World Champions in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, and No Gi Grappling, Evolve MMA is the top martial arts training organization in Asia. It ranks among the best martial arts academies in the world.