Shinya Aoki's Special Guillotine Submission

The guillotine choke is one of the most prolific submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.  In its most fundamental form, it is applied from in front of the opponent by using one’s arms to encircle the opponent’s neck.  It can be effectively applied as a wind choke, meaning air flow to the lungs is restricted, or it can be applied as a blood choke in which blood flow to the brain is cut off.  The end result from either type of guillotine choke is the opponent’s submission or loss of consciousness.  However, in order to achieve either of these results, perfect technique is required.  Although from the outside it may appear to be a simple hold, it is actually quite complex in practice.  You need to understand exactly where to hold, where to apply pressure, and how to position the rest of your body relative to the chokehold.

As the sports of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA have evolved, so too has the guillotine choke.  There are now countless variations to what you might call the “standard guillotine choke”.  Each has its own pros and cons.  There is no one version of the guillotine choke that is superior to all others.  Different situations call for different variations.  Those who are most successful using the guillotine choke have an entire arsenal of variations to use depending on the position they find themselves in.  You can apply the guillotine standing or sitting, with an arm in or without an arm in.  Within those basic guillotine positions there are even more variations.  The complete study of the guillotine choke is almost an art unto itself. 

At Evolve University, we teach a variety of guillotine chokes and setups in our BJJ curriculum.  We also include guillotine tutorials in our MMA curriculum.  One of our Evolve University professors is Shinya Aoki, a member of the Evolve Fight Team and ONE FC Lightweight World Champion.  He is also one of greatest submission artists in the history of MMA.  He was recently kind enough to share with us one of his very unique variations on the guillotine choke. 

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