The Biggest Rematch in UFC History?

On December 28th we will finally get to see the rematch of what was arguably the biggest upset in UFC history.  Prior to UFC 162, Anderson Silva had strung together 16 consecutive wins inside the Octagon, the most in the 20 year history of the UFC.  This did not phase Chris Weidman.  Rather, Weidman went out and against all odds, defeated Anderson Silva via first round KO.  The media frenzy that ensued was like nothing the sport has ever seen.  No one could believe their eyes.  No one was willing to accept that Anderson Silva had been defeated.  Weidman has been labeled “lucky” and his victory a “fluke”.  All these doubts and questions will soon be answered as the rematch is set for the UFC’s final show of the year.  Both guys are out to prove a point and erase any doubt over what happened at UFC 162.

Upon announcing the rematch, Anderson Silva took to the airwaves and made the bold proclamation that he is back.  With a look of great confidence, the former champ has assured fans that he will avenge this loss and reclaim his belt.

Weidman on the other hand, has been very vocal about his plans to run through Anderson Silva a second time.  He has predicted a finish by submission.

This will truly be, the biggest rematch in UFC history.  Check out the first preview for UFC 168 below.

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