Behind the Scenes at UFC 162 (Dana White Vlog)

UFC 162 will forever be remembered in MMA history as the day that the greatest mixed martial artist in the world, Anderson Silva, fell.  There has never been a bigger upset or a more shocking conclusion to a UFC event.  Although the event is largely overshadowed by Silva’s defeat, UFC 162 also featured a host of incredible undercard fights from Frankie Edgar’s win over Charles Oliviera to Cub Swanson 3rd round TKO of Dennis Siver.  Needless to say, this is an event that is worth revisiting again.  There is much to be learned.

In the lead up to the incredibly stacked UFC on FOX SPORTS 1, UFC boss Dana White has released another one of his always entertaining video blogs.  In this one he takes us behind the scenes of UFC 162 giving us a rare glimpse of the fighters in victory and defeat.

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