The Evolve Spirit

Guest Post by Paul Adkins, father of Evolve student Kinaree Adkins

If a picture tells 1,000 words, then 2,000 are attached.  Kinaree competed in the Copa Bull Terrier championship in Tokyo against all boys (including 12 year olds) and with all local efforts directed against knocking her out of the tournament.  The Evolve MMA "Spirit" showed powerfully.  

First of all, Henry was a tremendous help to his Evolve teammate. Henry put Kinaree through pre-fight warm-ups, stretching, and coached her on her game plan.  He cornered her throughout the tournament and helped her make adjustments after each match.  It was an excellent example of how Evolve MMA develops an awesome support network for its members and how Evolve MMA members demonstrate loyalty to each other across the globe.  

Secondly, TEAP (The Evolve Acceleration Program) training provides such a powerful advantage for students.  Professor Almiro Barros has been working with Kinaree on Berimbolo tactics in their TEAP sessions.  She enthusiastically applied these new techniques in every one of her matches with highly effective outcomes - boys were swept off their feet.  Lastly, the hard work and dedication inspired and encouraged by Evolve instructors resulted with Kinaree being able to comfortably fight for 12 tough minutes at peak performance levels.  Cheers to the Evolve Team and a special shout-out to Henry!  - Paul & Kinaree

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