Special Gracie Breakdown

In yet another case of senseless violence, a mother in New Jersey was recently the victim of a brutal attack after a burglar broke into her home.  The victim was left helpless at the hands of the much bigger and stronger male assailant, who repeatedly attacked the woman.  Making the situation even worse, the victim’s young daughter was also present at the time of the attacks and had no choice but to watch her mother mercilessly abused.  As horrible as this is, it is a topic that needs to be addressed.  This type of thing happens all too often in all corners of the globe for us to ignore it.  If you think this can’t happen to you, you are very wrong.  It can happen to anyone!

It is for this very reason that we have developed a self defense program at Evolve MMA, and we encourage all of our students to participate.  Don’t let yourself be caught unprepared.  Violence is scary, but the fear can be mitigated through the practice of martial arts.

In this very sobering video, Rener and Ryron Gracie discuss the recent attack in New Jersey and provide some tips on how this situation may have been avoided.  Check it out below.  Let this be a call to action.  Don’t wait until violence finds you, be preemptive and start training in martial arts today!

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