The Most Important Skill Set in MMA?

What is the most important skill set for an MMA fighter?  This is an extremely difficult question to answer.  Ask any fighter or high level coach, and it is very likely you will receive a wide range of answers.  In reality, there isn’t just one most important skill set, but rather a wide range of skills, each as important and critical as the next.  In order to reach the highest levels of the sport, a fighter needs to have it all and then some. 

Interestingly though, one skill set that is sometimes overlooked, but just as important as any other, is the mental side of the game.  The world of MMA, and sports in general, is filled with stories of super gifted and talented athletes who never reached their potential because their mental game was weak.  Recently, MMA superstar and long time veteran of the sport, Josh Barnett, was asked what he thought to be the most important skill set in MMA.  Not surprisingly, he said the mental game.  Check out the full interview below, in which Josh provides some excellent insight in to just how important the mental side of fighting is.

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