ONE ASIA MMA SUMMIT 2013 (video)

For the past 3 days the biggest players in Asian MMA have been gathered at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for the biggest MMA summit in Asian history.  Keynote speakers at the event featured the likes of Renzo Gracie, Rich Franklin, Victor Cui, Evolve Founder Chatri Sityodtong, and countless others.  To say that the future of Asian MMA is bright would be an understatement.  Asian MMA is in the midst of an explosion, and it will soon be the biggest market for MMA in the world.  The charge is being lead by ONE FC, and after this weekend’s events it is safe to say they are firmly in control.

Check out this awesome video that was presented by ONE FC at the summit.  They are truly doing incredible things for the sport, and as the video so boldy states, they are just getting started.

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