Anderson Silva and The Matrix

Over the course of his reign at the top of the middleweight division, Anderson Silva has dismantled challenger after challenger with a display of martial arts skills like the world has never seen before, at least not in reality.  Anderson Silva’s highlight reel is more akin to something straight out of the Hollywood blockbuster movie, The Matrix.  He is able to do things inside the Octagon that no other man can or should be able to do.  Just as every great sports legend is often defined by their nemesis, it seemed for a while that Anderson Silva had found his in Chael Sonnen.  Then UFC 148 happened, and it became clear that there is no nemesis for Anderson Silva.  He truly stands alone.

Check out the incredible Anderson Silva highlight video below, which draws the very appropriate parallel between his feats inside the Octagon with scenes from the movie, The Matrix.

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