The Best Armbar in MMA?

By now it is safe to assume that everyone has heard about Ronda Rousey’s armbar.  At the moment, it is the best armbar in MMA, and its legend grows every time Rousey steps into the cage.  All of her opponents train to defend against it, know that it is coming, and yet they cannot stop it.  Not one of Rousey’s opponents has made it out of the first round before falling victim to her devastating armbar. 

So how does Ronda Rousey do it?  What is the secret to her armbar success? 

The first answer is confidence in herself.  She believes in her technique, and she goes for it without any hesitation.  The second answer is her countless years and hours spent drilling the technique.  Due to her Olympic Judo background, Ronda has probably spent more time drilling the armbar than almost any other mixed martial artist.  It’s all about repetition.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to developing as proficient an armbar as Ronda Rousey.  However, for those who want to get moving in the right direction, the below Gracie Breakdown is an excellent place to start.  Study the technique, and then get to the gym and start drilling. 

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