MMA History: The Gracie’s Bring BJJ to the USA

Check out this awesome martial arts blast from the past, which shows footage from one of the first Gracie Jiu Jitsu seminars held in the USA.  The seminar took place in 1988, and it was organized by none other than martial arts legend Chuck Norris. 

Although by 1988 Rorion Gracie had already been working to establish a BJJ following in the USA for quite some time, he had met with a great deal of resistance from traditional martial artists.  Chuck Norris was one of the first major martial arts figures in America to embrace the discipline, and he played a large role in helping to spread it to the mainstream martial arts world.  Although most people may know Chuck Norris only for his roles in Hollywood Kung Fu movies, he is also a legitimate martial artist and a great ambassador for the sport.  Chuck earned a black belt in BJJ under the legendary Carlos Machado. 

Sit back and enjoy this historical moment in martial arts, and remember that a true martial artist must always keep an open mind and never stop evolving.

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