GLORY 5: Spong vs. Bonjasky Preview

This weekend’s must see fight will take place inside the kickboxing ring at the GLORY 5 London event.  Over the past year, GLORY has sparked something of a resurgence in the sport of kickboxing by putting together consistently solid shows with exciting match ups.  On New Year’s Eve, we saw them partner with DREAM Fighting Championship to put on an epic MMA and kickboxing mega event.  On Saturday night in London, GLORY will once again give fans of kickboxing a show worth tuning in for. 

In the main event of the evening, 3 time K1 Grand Prix Champion Remy Bonjasky will take on the young and dangerous Tyrone Spong.  These are two of the best heavyweight kickboxers in the world today, and this fight will represent the classic battle of the old veteran in Bonjasky versus the young lion in Spong.  Will Spong make his arrival official and put the rest of the heavyweights in the world on notice?  Will Bonjasky prove that he is still a force to be reckoned with?  Either way, it will be exciting to find out! 

Check out the preview for GLORY 5 London below.  Get more information about the event and access to the live streaming here.

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