The Greatest Collegiate Wrestler Ever?

When it comes to perfection in the sport of the wrestling, Cael Sanderson is about as close as it gets.  In fact, his collegiate record actually was perfect.  Over the course of his 4 years at Iowa State University, Cael amassed an incredible 4 NCAA Division 1 national wrestling titles and a perfect 159-0 record.  This had never been done before, and it has not been done since.  After making history in college, Cael then when on to win a gold medal at the 2004 Olympic games.  He has since retired and committed himself to coaching full time.  In his 3 years as head coach at Penn State University he has lead them to 2 national titles. 

Is Cael Sanderson the greatest collegiate wrestler ever?  It is pretty hard to argue otherwise.  Check out this awesome highlight video from Cael’s incredible 159-0 collegiate run.

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