Evolve Anniversary Contest Winners!

The results are in! We are very excited to announce the official winners of our Evolve Anniversary Contest: “How Has Martial Arts Changed Your Life?”  For those of you who took the time to get involved in this incredible campaign, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude.  We were truly overwhelmed by the amount of participation among members and non-members alike.  You have all reconfirmed what we already knew.  The martial arts community is one of the strongest in the world!  Through your incredibly diverse and powerful stories, people around the world were inspired to take control of their lives and to strive for nothing short of greatness. Your stories have brought martial artists from different backgrounds and cultures to a common ground, and have made this contest a true celebration of the martial arts.

Our team led the winner selection process with input from Evolve Founder Chatri Sityodtong, and we can assure you it was no easy task.  Every story carried its own unique message and touched on the magical power of martial arts to transform lives.  Once again, we thank you all for sharing your stories.  Without further ado, here are the official winners of the Evolve Anniversary Contest.

A 12 month membership + 5 hours of complimentary private 1-on-1 lessons with one of our world champion instructors + a $300 gift voucher

Audrey Kua

“For as long as I can remember, I let my illness dictate how I lived my life. I let it convince me I was worthless. But when I put on my gi and get on the mat, I feel fearless. Any challenge that came my way, I was ready to meet with joy. These days I take that attitude out into the world with me because that is who I really am. I am not the sad, pathetic girl who cowers under her sheets. I am a fighter.”

A 6 month membership + 3 hours of complimentary private 1-on-1 lessons with one of our world champion instructors + a $150 gift voucher

Chris Junior Busschaert

I have become a true fighter with the warrior spirit in the good way of life in terms of I laugh and smile more...I am a such more confident person and in my daily very stressing job I became a much more better manager in terms of patient and eyesight.
  A couple of weeks back I got promoted to level 3 and that is another great achievement on my personal life spirit!

A 3 month membership + a 50 gift voucher

Jonathan See (non-Evolve member)

“Martial Arts changed my life, mentally and physically. Having heart problems as a child, I was not allowed to be involved in any exercise. When I turned 10 I was overweight and had to join the TAF (Trim and Fit) Club throughout the rest of my primary and secondary school years. Training in Martial Arts was key to helping me break away from that. It made me strong both physically and mentally. I found faith and confidence in myself for the first time in my life. I was more discipline and learnt great lessons in respect and humility. I learnt to love life and also that "Real living is living for others" - Bruce Lee.”

A $100 gift voucher

Leonard Leo

“The profound impact that martial arts has had on my life is evident to everyone who has ever known me. I am now a better son to my parents, better brother to my sibling, a better friend to my friends, a better student to my teachers and an improved human being all around. The lessons of martial arts have translated extremely well into my life and has truly changed me for the better. I now have a clear direction in my life and am confident that no matter what happens, I will be able to overcome.”

A $100 gift voucher

Kwan Yan Wei 

The many classes in Evolve taught me a range of things, discipline(to endure and force myself to go through the tough trainings), perservance(There are no shortcuts!) and this last thing that I've learnt, only came through to me after a few months here in Evolve, the power to protect.”

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