The Evolve Community Outreach Program Expands!

Founder and Leader of Evolve MMA, Chatri Sityodtong, welcomes the Children's Society.
Through the Evolve Community Outreach Program, Evolve Mixed Martial Arts is continuously on the look out for opportunities to expand our sphere of influence and reach more children in need.  The program employs a multi-faceted approach to helping children realize their greatness.  In our most recent partnership we have joined hands with the Singapore Children’s Society (http://www.childrensociety.org.sg). 
The Children’s Society serves as one of Singapore’s leading organizations for promoting the well being of children in need.  Their mission is straightforward: “To bring relief and happiness to children in need.”  Currently, the Children’s Society operates 9 centers across Singapore and offer services in 6 primary categories: Caregiving, Community, Developmental, Preventive, Public Education and Remedial.  These centers serve as a place for children to learn, develop, and grow when their parents are not around.  Many of the children’s parents do not have the time or resources to give them the guidance they need.  The Children’s Society fills this gap and serves as a safe environment for children to develop the skills they need for life.
Through our partnership with the Children’s Society, we hope to further enrich these children’s lives.  Evolve MMA will become a family to these children while making a lifelong positive impact on their lives through the martial arts.  The Evolve Instructor Team will embrace the role of life mentors and teach martial arts to the children on a pro bono basis. It is our goal to transform the lives of these children by nurturing them with the benefits of martial arts. They will inherit confidence, mental strength, self-discipline, a pure work ethic, self-defense skills, and much more. Above all, they will be taught to dream and to unleash their potential in every area of life.
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