Evolve Student of the Month: Joel Yan Bin (video)

For the month of December 2012, Joel Yan Bin is the Student of the Month at Evolve MMA, Asia's top martial arts organization. Joel can regularly be found at Evolve, pushing the pace and dripping with sweat. He is one of Evolve's most dedicated Muay Thai students, and he consistently brings a high level of passion and energy to training sessions. Joel's persistent work ethic and positive attitude around the gym have paid dividends on his development as a martial artist. He is an excellent representative of the ideal Evolve MMA student.Check out Joel's awesome Student of the Month video below.

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts® is Asia's premier brand of MMA academies. With World Champions in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling, and No Gi Grappling, Evolve MMA is the top martial arts training organization in Asia. It ranks among the best martial arts academies in the world.