Evolve Anniversary Contest Bi-Weekly Winner!

“I’m sick, I ain’t dead” – Audrey Kua

Congratulations to Audrey Kua on winning the bi-weekly Evolve Anniversary Contest for best story submission!  If you have not yet read Audrey’s incredibly inspiring story of how martial arts changed her life, please do so now by clicking here.  Prepare to be inspired!

For those of you who have not yet joined in on the fun of the Evolve Anniversary Contest, it’s not too late.  The deadline for submissions is December 15th.  So why not head on over to the awesome contest site today and share your story.  Not only will you be inspiring martial artists around the world, but you will also be eligible for a bunch of great prizes.

Simply submit your story, share it on Facebook, and you can win yourself $50 of official Evolve MMA gear!  Every two weeks we will award a $50 Evolve retail voucher for the new story with the most Facebook likes!

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