The Evolve Anniversary Contest Has Begun!

In honor of Evolve MMA’s 4 year anniversary we have decided to host a contest that will help spread our passion and belief in the power of martial arts around the world.  We are now calling on all martial arts practitioners to share the story of their martial arts journey with us. 

Our question is simple: How has martial arts changed your life?

Please take a moment to visit our site and share your story with the world.  This is your opportunity to share the gift of martial arts and inspire future generations of martial artists around the world.  For the top 3 posts we will be awarding some amazing prizes.

Please visit our site at  

We can’t wait to hear your story.

If you are not yet ready to share your story or have not yet begun on your martial arts journey that is an even better reason to visit our contest page.  Spend some time reading through the remarkable stories that others have already shared.  We guarantee you will be inspired!

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