Greco-Roman Wrestling Highlight Reel

Although not yet hugely popular in the Asian region, Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the world’s oldest sports with a rich tradition dating back to the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896.  The sport has been featured in every summer Olympic Games since then.  What distinguishes Greco-Roman wrestling from its counterpart Freestyle wrestling is its focus on upper body techniques.  Whereas in Freestyle wrestling takedowns are secured largely through leg attacks, in Greco-Roman attacks below the waist are forbidden.  Greco-Roman focuses on upper-body attacks, which translates to a lot of high amplitude throws.

If you have never witnessed high level Greco-Roman wrestling do yourself a favor and check out the below highlight reel.  These guys are incredibly explosive, and are able to pull off some of the most spectacular throws you will ever see.  At Evolve MMA we are extremely fortunate to have one of these high level Greco-Roman wrestlers on staff.  Heath Sims, head of wrestling and MMA at Evolve, is a former Greco-Roman Olympian.  He competed on the same level as the guys you will see in the below video.  If you are interested in learning how to wrestle, be sure to check out one of Evolve’s weekend wrestling classes.  They are open to all levels of students, and are a terrific complement to any discipline of martial arts training.

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