How’s Your Jiu Jitsu Grip?

Reaching the very highest levels of competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires an incredible package of skills. While earning a black belt is no doubt an incredible honor and accomplishment, there is a significant difference between what you might call a technical black belt and a competitive black belt. High level competitive black belts are professional athletes in every sense of the word. When you look at the winners of events like the Mundials or Abu Dhabi, what stands out in addition to their technical skills is their incredible explosiveness, freakish flexibility, endurance, and one that probably goes unnoticed, grip strength. Anyone who has had the opportunity to roll with a high level BJJ Black Belt understands that there is grip strength and then there is BJJ Black Belt grip strength. When these guys/girls grab a hold of you it can feel as though you will need the “Jaws of Life” to pry yourself free. Check out this incredible video of six time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Xande Ribeiro working on his grip strength. This is what you call a Jiu Jitsu grip.

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