Everyone Is A Fighter

"We all fight in different arenas in our life, and I think that's what draws so many people to fighting. It's because it's the actual physical manifestation of the way they feel inside. To me, to live is to fight. It's about persevering. It's about testing yourself. It's about not becoming complacent. It's about feeling alive in the moment because when you're adrenaline is going, you're thinking about that present moment. You're not somewhere else, you're not thinking about what's going to happen 10 minutes from now and that's the reason why I love fighting. When I'm in there, I feel free. I feel like there is no other place I want to be. I can't even think of anything beyond that second."

– Rashad Evans, Former UFC Champion

Rashad Evans could not have said it better. His words encapsulate what it is about the practice of martial arts that appeals to so many different people on so many different levels. Through the practice of martial arts we learn how to fight our own personal battles in whatever arena they may take place. It does not matter if it is in the Octagon, the corporate boardroom, the hospital, or any other of life’s arenas, we must all be prepared to fight, to persevere through tough times, to push the limits of what we thought was possible. Martial arts prepare us to fight in the arena of life.

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