Take Nothing for Granted

“There is nothing you can take for granted, not a single day, not a single minute, not one relationship...”
 - Brian Stann, Iraqi War Veteran and UFC Middleweight Contender

As a decorated war veteran and accomplished UFC middleweight, Brian Stann knows a thing or two about living in the moment and being truly grateful for life. During his time as an infantry soldier for the U.S. Marine Corps Brian witnessed some truly horrifying events, and through his demonstration of valor and courage under fire earned himself the title of “Hero”. Yet, as Brian points out, he doesn’t consider himself a hero and isn’t one to go around pounding his chest in pride. Instead, he has been humbled by the experience, and learned that you can never take anything in life for granted. Brian’s story should serve as a strong reminder to us all that when things are going bad and we are feeling down we need to take a step back and put a little perspective on it. Most of the time our problems are quite trivial and silly when viewed from the bigger picture.

Check out this video of Brian recounting his harrowing tale. Keep it in perspective and always be grateful for what you do have rather than feeling bad about what you don’t.

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