Step 1: Get Started!

It sounds so easy, so obvious, but the first step and often the hardest is to get started. We all have goals and things we want to change in our lives, but it can often be easier to put them off until tomorrow or next week or next month when we convince ourselves we will "have more time". The truth is that the timing will never be right unless we make the time right now and get started. Whether its joining the gym, learning a new martial art, losing weight, saving money, or spending more time with family just get started on it TODAY. If you find that you are having trouble getting started on something check out this video from Training For Warrior's Martin Rooney. Martin works with elite MMA fighters like Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller, Gregor and Igor Gracie, and knows a thing or two about motivation and success. As Martin recommends, it is time we stop "getting ready to get ready" and instead "get started".

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