Never Stop Evolving

“When training I always tried to stay a little naïve, thinking there was always something else for me to learn.” - Dan Gable, Olympic Wrestling Champion

In order to stay relevant in today’s increasingly competitive and sophisticated world of mixed martial arts an athlete must be constantly evolving. The days of relying on the mastery of a single martial art are long gone. Those who are now reaching the pinnacle of success are able to demonstrate fluency in all disciplines, mixing and matching different styles and techniques in order to overcome opponents. A perfect example of this modern mixed martial artist is Jon Jones. Every time Jon Jones steps into the cage he showcases new skills and techniques demonstrating his never-ending evolution. When asked at a recent Evolve MMA seminar about what makes Jon Jones such a special fighter, Coach Greg Jackson stressed his creativity, willingness to try anything, open mind, and constant improvement. This philosophy on the sport of mixed martial arts is applicable to all aspects of life. It is what every successful business person and champion knows. Dan Gable said it perfectly, “stay a little naïve”, because the moment you think you have it all figured out and are ready to sit back and relax the competition will pass you by. No matter what it is you do in life never forget this simple principle. Never stop evolving.

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