Freddie Roach: A Living Legend

Freddie Roach is roundly recognized as the one the greatest trainers in the sport of boxing. Already inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, Roach has trained 27 World Champions to date with his current stable of fighters including names like Amir Khan, Jose Benavidez, Julius Caesar Chavez Jr., and Manny Pacquiao. Yet, even more impressive than Freddie's long list of accomplishments as a trainer is the story of Freddie Roach; one that is every bit as inspiring as the performances put on by his prized pupils. As a professional boxer Freddie Roach was known as a tough, gritty fighter who was willing to take a punch in order to give one. Although Freddie compiled an impressive career record of 40-13, he would never be world champion caliber and largely due to his punishing style of fighting was forced into retirement at the age of 26. Freddie was left broken and beaten with very little to show for a life of dedication to the sport he loved so much. Fortunately, it turned out that Freddie was even better at teaching boxing than he was at boxing, and he was able to find his true calling and passion in boxing as a trainer. Unfortunately, in 1990 just 4 years after his retirement from professional boxing Freddie was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Amazingly, it is now 2012, and despite the debilitating nature of Parkinson's disease, Freddie Roach has not missed a beat. He still trains the best boxers in the world, and refuses to let his disease slow him down. He is in many ways the true embodiment of the fighter spirit, and an inspiration to all. In recent years, Freddie has expanded his services into the world of MMA working with the likes of Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz and many more. In recognition of the amazing journey of Freddie Roach, HBO Sports recently put out a documentary entitled "On Freddie Roach", which is a must see for anyone who is interested in martial arts. Check out this clip from the HBO Sports special, and get a glimpse of true passion and what it means to embody a fighter's spirit.

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