Dutch Kickboxing Legend: Ernesto Hoost

When it comes to the pound for pound best kickboxing in the world the title goes to Muay Thai fighters from Thailand. Nowhere in the world is there a richer tradition and more developed style of kickboxing than in Thailand. However, outside of Thailand, it can be argued that the tradition of kickboxing is best represented in Holland. While Thai's rule the lighter and middle weights, the heavyweight division is traditionally ruled by the Dutch. A case in point, is the great Heavyweight Dutch kickboxer Ernesto Hoost. During his impressive career, Hoost won every major European championship including four K-1 World Grand Prix titles, which outside of Thailand is the world's most prestigious kickboxing event. Check out this highlight video of the ferocious Ernesto Hoost, one of the greatest heavyweight kickboxers in the history of the sport.

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