Better Flexibility, Better BJJ, Less Injuries

Spend some time watching or rolling with any of Evolve's BJJ black belts and you will no doubt notice that in addition to their flawless technique and superior conditioning they all have incredible flexibility. They are able to bend and twist their legs into positions that are unimaginable to most people. The dexterity with which a BJJ black belt is able to use his legs matches how most people use their arms. While this high level of flexibility is developed over a lifetime of practicing BJJ, there is no reason beginner or casual BJJ practitioners can't improve their own flexibility with a little bit of work. Not only will you find that your BJJ game is dramatically improved, but with increased flexibility you are also greatly reducing your risk of injury. To get started on improving your flexibility check out this video created by renowned MMA strength and conditioning coach Martin Rooney and 4 time BJJ World Champion Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro. Dedicate 15 minutes of your time everyday to building your flexibility and the benefits will be manifold. As Martin says, "If you want what other people don't have, you must do what other people don't do."

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