The Crazy Ones

In 1997, many experts believed that Apple was destined to go bankrupt. It had just lost over $1 billion dollars that fiscal year and it was getting destroyed by the Windows-based competition. At that time, Apple was a small company (with a measly 3% market share) in an industry of giants. It was rapidly losing market share and customers. It lacked innovation, products, and people. It was a company on the brink of disaster.

1997 was also the year that Steve Jobs returned to Apple to become its CEO once again after getting fired from the Company 12 years earlier. By 2011, he turned Apple into the largest company in the world by market capitalization and turned it into a cash machine with a net cash balance greater than that of the US Treasury. He went from being an adopted child who dropped out of college to becoming the greatest inventor of the modern era. Above all, he changed the world and touched millions of lives with incredible products.

Incredibly, Steve Jobs narrated this original ad below in 1997 before he achieved his greatest accomplishments...

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