ONE Fighting Championship!

The Evolve Fight Team will be competing on September 3, 2011 on ONE Fighting Championship I at Singapore Indoor Stadium. The media has labeled ONE Fighting Championship as "the largest MMA event in Asian history." Many experts are already predicting that the majority of the fights will end by KO or submission because the card is so heavily stacked with devastating champions.

While the Evolve Fight Team has fought all over the world on the biggest shows in the world like the UFC and DREAM, it will be the biggest stage ever for many of our young fighters such as Zorobabel Moreira, Mitch Chilson, Eddie Ng, Radeem Rahman, Leandro Issa, Brian Choi, and Rodrigo Ribeiro.

Here is the official fight card for ONE Fighting Championship I.

Here is the undercard for ONE Fighting Championship I.

Please come out and support the Evolve Fight Team on September 3, 2011. The Evolve Fight Team, Asia's most decorated professional fight team, began its 8 week training camp last week and is preparing very hard to put on the best show ever. So come out and watch the Evolve Fight Team pull off some excellent victories!  To get your tickets to the event, click here.

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