Can an MMA fighter beat a Boxer?

You might have noticed a recent trend for MMA fighters talking about wanting to switch sports to take on the world’s best boxers. Anderson Silva supposedly wanted to get in the ring with Roy Jones Jnr, then Nick Diaz was going to fight Jeff Lacy and most recently Alistair Overeem has stated that he is interested in fighting one of the Klitschko brothers.

MMA fans are still fond of asking the question of ’what would happen if the best MMA fighter in the world fought the best boxer in the world?’ The answer is really simple: if they fought under MMA rules then the MMA fighter would win, if they fought under boxing rules the boxer would win.

There are so many different elements to MMA and being the best mixed martial artist on the planet does not necessarily make you the best wrestler, or the best BJJ practitioner, or the best Muay Thai fighter, or even the best boxer.

Anderson Silva can definitely box as you can see in this video of him sparring at Freddy Roach’s Wild Card gym:

However there is a world of difference between being able to spar with a decent level boxer (Silva’s sparring partner in this video is far from famous, no-one seems to know who he is) and being able to take on the best boxer in the world in a competitive fight.

There are so many different elements to MMA that it is difficult to truly specialize in any one of them. While Anderson Silva has been cross training between boxing and Muay Thai and wrestling and BJJ Roy Jones Jnr would have been dedicating all his training time to improving his already world class boxing.

That is why, realistically, Silva would have no chance of beating Jones Jnr in a boxing match, Overeem would be in a world of trouble if he attempted to get in the ring with either Klitschko and, even with a little bit of professional boxing experience, Diaz would be a massive underdog against Lacy.

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