Weigh Ins at DARE FC!

Both Zorobabel Moreira and Brian Choi from the Evolve Fight Team made weight at the first attempt for tomorrow (Saturday) night’s MMA fights in Bangkok.  Their opponents missed weight by 6 kilos and 3 kilos respectively.  The Evolve Fight Team had the option of backing out of the fights due to their opponents missing weight.  However, under the guidance of Kru Chatri Sityodtong, the Evolve Fight Team opted to compete anyways.  He said, "It's highly unprofessional and unusual for a fighter to miss weight, let alone miss it by that much.  Nevertheless, I still believe that the Evolve Fight Team will prove to be victorious.  Yes, we are underdogs, but I don't really care about odds.  We will fight anybody anywhere." 

Both Evolve fighters stepped up to take fights against highly experienced opponents at very late notice on DARE Fighting Championship’s first ever event.  Both Brian and Zoro have only had 10 days to prepare for their bouts (versus a normal required 8 weeks).  Zoro is up against Ferrid Kheder, a Judo Olympian with over 20 fights. Kheder is very well known in the world of MMA and has lost only one of his last 15 fights.  Brian will also be a big underdog against submission specialist Sebastian Garguier. A small crowd gathered at the weigh ins with most of the spectators tipping Kheder and Garguier to win easily tomorrow.

It is going to be a tough night of fights.  Best of luck to the Evolve fighters!

Sebastien Garguier vs Brian Choi

Ferrid Kheder vs Zorobabel Moreira

Zorobabel Moreira and Brian Choi from the Evolve Fight Team

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