ONE Fighting Championship!

The Evolve Fight Team is honored to be invited to compete at ONE Fighting Championship in the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. It is being labeled as the "biggest MMA event in Asia" with a media broadcast across the entire continent of Asia. The Singapore Indoor Stadium seats 12,000. So if it sells out and it really does broadcast to all of Asia, it will be the biggest MMA event in Asia. Of course, all this news remains to be seen. Let's see if the hype matches the reality. Nevertheless, ONE Fighting Championship does come with some credibility, given that Victor Cui (formerly of ESPN StarSports) is the President of ONE Fighting Championship.

ONE Fighting Championship is very focused on Asian fighters and developing fighters in Asia. From our understanding, ONE Fighting Championship hopes to be the top Asian MMA event, starring Asian fighters and/or fighters based in Asia. It will be interesting to see if they can produce fighters capable of entering the UFC. Legend Fighting Championship is also executing along the same Asia-only strategy. Either way, these Asian MMA shows should boost the sport of MMA in Asia.

The first event for ONE Fighting Championship will be on September 3, 2011. Victor Cui has graciously invited 6 Evolve fighters to participate for its first show, Champion vs Champion: Asia's Greatest Battle of Champions. The Evolve Fight Team has agreed to compete in the event, despite not knowing who our opponents are yet.

Here are some links for ONE Fighting Championship:

ONE Fighting Championship Website

ONE Fighting Championship Facebook Fan Page

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